The Poetry Collection….

is moving along.  Working on the smash book is turning out to be a really good way to touch and read and sometimes edit a few pieces.  I’ve narrowed the collection down to 75.  I hope to end up with 50.

Yesterday, we moved my desk out of the living room and back into the study.  So  I’m back using my cute little antique-ish desk.  Our desks are side by side again 🙂 Yours is massive with a goodly amount of unused flat space.  Mine, by choice, is small.  Its flat space holds my big monitor and my keyboard.  That works best for me.  I can curl up on the sofa  and read Kindle on the laptop.  It’s opened the space back up in the living room, too. The three-quarter circle (flat back) oak table is now a nice neat craft/work table.

I never did like having my computer in the living room.  It was just an experiment we’ve been trying for the past year.  I decided that the arrangement is just allowing me to procrastinate and remain on the computer much longer than necessary.  Reading the news.  Reading blogs.  Reading about crafts.  Reading about writing.  It was nuts!  Threw my schedule totally off and I allowed it to go on for almost a year 😛  Ah well…it was fun being lazy until a few weeks ago.  Then being lazy became boring and was creating anxiety for me.

So here I am and here I go…I’m editing about 5 poems.  Later this week I’ll put a few up here – before and after – and maybe I’ll get some opinions as to how I’m doing.  Maybe…


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