Ever After – A Poem

Ever After

Above all
~ especially you at this moment ~
would do best not to worry.
You already passed the first impression
and thousands of other impressions
after that
a few hundred fails
~ even this one ~
in my way of living
is pretty damned good.
Don’t push your luck though.
Some impressions are
ever after lasting ones.
I’m not an impressionist
and I don’t do unconditional


2 thoughts on “Ever After – A Poem

  1. Nice to see you again, I mean, read you again. I caught up and love to watch your writing bloom. Love the book crafting! Sounds like things are going well. It looks like you have a 2-day practice retreat soon? I bet that will be wonderful for you. I kinda live a retreat life, except no one takes care of my meals for me. Damn that!
    Write when you can, miss you. P


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