My Poetry & A Poem

I don’t want to waste much time with this post.  I just want to get it out there – as I’ve been thinking it lately…

I have decided against publishing a small collection of my poetry.  At least presently and into the near future.  Once I got into looking through my poems – at least the ones that I consider poems and not prose trying to dress up as poetry – I came away with about 15.  Well that’s hardly worth working with right now.

Thanks to this blog, I’ve been writing a lot this last year.  The more one creates the more one encourages visits from the muse.  That’s more important to me – that I keep writing.

On that note, I’ll repost a poem about ‘the muse within’…I see my own growth as a poet in this poem:

Instructions to a Muse

Cover your head
and your arms
hands and feet.
You won’t need them
for a little while at least.
Step quickly
behind your layers
and your veils.
How gladly I’d retreat with you!
It’s not your ghost I fear
but another long journey
into your foggy mist.
So go on now.
Slowly and quietly color yourself
invisible to others.
just so I’ll know
where to find you later,
keep circling
calling softly round
and round the heavy door.
Cast a spell or two my way
at least
a tiny one will stay.


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