It’s A Sonnet Because I Said So


This concerns my previous post:

Well…Pffft…I’ve finally learned how to count.  That’s not really a sonnet.  Sigh.   It’s a poem with 16 lines.  It is a sonnet though because I’m going to call it one.  Don’t bother counting the lines.  Trust me on this one.  Sometimes it’s best not to edit!

That lemon cake sure smells good though!


5 thoughts on “It’s A Sonnet Because I Said So

    • I certainly hope so because I’ve been working on this one for eleven years. At that time, I was very into the challenge of writing sonnets. I kept a few, like this one, and continue to work on them. I remember distinctly reading about this particular form – somewhere around that time. It must have been a dream because now I can’t find a reference to it any where. Or, like I said, I can’t count! I shall call this form ‘the ellespethian’ sonnet form.


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