Let’s Discuss Cajuns Cooking & Chocolate Easter Bunnies & Hank Williams


There are various ways to have this discussion. This is how it went today:

Easter Lamb and Chocolate Easter Bunny Recipe/Discussion
We bought a leg of lamb – about 3 pounds semi boneless
We chopped up some jalapeno peppers and some Habanero peppers (these are very very hot so be careful of tender hands and wash hands right away after chopping), and  some sort of yellow/greenish/olive greenish sort of jalapeno
We chopped up some yellow onions into eighths and some shallots in half.
We found a good deal on a package of mixed fancy mushrooms and used those.
All this went into a bowl into the fridge for later.

You went hiking.
I posted a poetry reading and a poem I’m working on onto my blog.
About an hour before you were due home, I took the lamb roast out of the fridge.

This is where the Cajun cooking discussion began:

You came home and proclaimed that you wanted to cook the lamb at 425 degrees. I thought that was too high. Since I hate to see you pouting, I set the oven to 425. We debated placement of the roast onto a rack in a pan and how we were going to arrange the veggies under the rack on the bottom of the pan. We had to cut the veggies smaller to fit under the rack! What?!
We ended up putting a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom of the pan and spraying that with olive oil and putting the veggies there and pouring a cup of white wine over the veggies. (Hahaha!  We had to add another cup of white wine to the mix three quarters through)
Hmmmm….Cajuns are long winded.
We discussed seasonings. We chopped some fresh rosemary (dried is just as good, we just happened to have some left over fresh rosemary that had to be used). We mixed the rosemary with some finely chopped garlic and olive oil.
We discussed what to do with the rosemary and garlic – how to use it on the lamb. So we put a few sharp knife holes into the top of the roast and then we slathered the rosemary concoction on top. We put the roast on a rack over the veggies and put it in the oven.

15 mins at 425 then turn down to 375 until lamb reaches 140 or so internal temp.

Somewhere in there take a bath and take out the trash.

Serve this up with mashed taters and string beans. Add a sliced tomato to the plate for some color.

Have a chocolate Easter bunny for desert.

Cajun cooking = use up what’s there, just do it, cook with love,  and leave room for dessert.


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