I Hear A Pillow Calling My Name

I’m unusually tired today.  I woke up that way and then did 2 three-hour stints with toddlers.

Then I came home and looked at my desktop and…after three days of almost non-stop writing….I really must get myself better organized and stop using desktop post-its for my writing.  I have a total mess staring me in the face!  I’d have a nervous break down if my home were as sloppy as my desktop looks at this very moment.  It’s exhausting just to look at it and realize that I have to transport all of this to Open Office.

Writing is such a joy though.  It really is….isn’t it?

Of course it is!  I always tell myself I’ll never to this again – let my desktop get messy again, I mean.  What’s so hard about that?  I was a fabulous secretary for almost 40 years.  Neat and organized.  This is not the time to revolt against what worked well when  I was paid to work!

Every time I minimize this window and see all those post-it notes all over the place…they are pink post-its, though.  I thought pink would make it all look prettier.  It just looks very, very pink – like Barbie has been using my laptop.  I’m putting myself in time-out! No more writing until I clean my desktop.  Hahaha…

Isn’t that my pillow I hear calling my name?


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