Soft Pink Petals – Prose w/Haiku

A poet’s worst fear:  We’re on our way to the grocery.  You’re happily driving us along – grocery list in your shirt pocket under your sweater.  I’d decided just to take my small coin clutch.  We pass several blooming cherry trees.  Just lovely!  When you stop at a red light, I’m able to get a good view of a cluster of the cherry trees and think how Japanese and so beautiful they look.  And then – sigh – the word Haiku came into my head!  What? I don’t have my purse so I don’t have my small notebook or a pen.  I don’t panic I simply begin saying a poem aloud.  When I finish:

Me: That’s probably not a haiku but I can’t count and remember the words hmmmm.

You:  And the form isn’t right.

Me:  What?!  Please don’t talk to me will you pass me the grocery list and your pen?

Eventually, you manage to and I write down the words:

Haiku For Now
I saw the cherry trees
and their soft pink petals I felt
falling into my heart. (EWI)

I’m counting the syllables and you’re pulling into the Trader Joe’s parking lot.

Me:  Oh great!  It’s a perfect 17 words. Hahaha.  It’s a great poem but it’s not a haiku.

We both frown and do the grocery.  I carefully guard the shopping list.  When we got home, I fooled with the 17 words and got it down to 17 syllables.  Yay me!  And not only that but I think it really is quite possibly the first real haiku I’ve ever written.  Goes like this:

Soft Pink Petals
I saw cherries bloom
and felt their soft pink petals
fall into my heart. (ellespeth)

I’m fairly certain – in my mind’s heart – that that is a haiku.  Fairly…

Now I have to go help unpack grocery.


2 thoughts on “Soft Pink Petals – Prose w/Haiku

    • Thanks! And my husband is such a little charmer…playing right along with me all the way.
      I truly hate those forgotten moments. the creative mind should have a pause button that one can use while doing the grocery and driving.


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