I Have The Tiniest Problem…

I haven’t always had it because I think I can remember not having it.  I have trouble getting to sleep some nights.  I wish I hadn’t decided – 20 years ago – not to own a television.  Well, on the nights I can’t sleep I’m sorry I made that decision because one often hears to watch some boring TV program and that will help you sleep – I guess that would be some cable news auto-repeating the world is ending sort of program.  So watching television is out. Reading something boring is supposed to help, too….I’m too tired to read but unable to sleep.  So that’s out.  I don’t want to keep you up so I come into the library to write. I suppose a person who doesn’t have a problem sleeping wouldn’t understand that those of us who do truly envy that ability.

Tossing and turning.  It’s not that I’m not productive.  I am productive.  I want to focus more clearly – or maybe I want to become less focused.  I wouldn’t mind not sleeping if it amounted to anything when the sun came up.

I’m tired.  I’m not cranky but I am whining.  Thank god I don’t have much to do tomorrow.  I’m taking a 2 yr old to Starbucks for coffee and a pastry.  Sometimes I truly believe we have some sort of conversation 🙂

Calling all dreams! (oh that’s a good title for a poem!)


10 thoughts on “I Have The Tiniest Problem…

  1. I’m with ya, babe. Insomnia has robbed me of years of sleep. I finally got a bottle of Melatonin, because it is also supposed to be good for thyroid too. I haven’t tried it yet, because I seem to get that second wind and want to write, just about the time I should be heading off to be. I have a dental appt Monday, so I hope I can break this cycle before then. I hope you get some sleep too.


    • Oh! I’d rather have insomnia than go to the dentist Hahaha! Yes…I see some suggestions for melatonin. I’m planning to check this out with an herbalist this week end…
      And yes, then there’s the ‘geez not now when I’m finally tired’ moments when some creative idea decides to perch itself in one’s mind.
      *hugs* and see you in those wee hours! or not 😛


    • Thanks for this suggestion. I have an appointment with an herbalist, this week-end, to talk about melatonin. The sleeplessness is much worse when I’m in some creative manic stage of brain cell activity. I’ll touch base again on this topic…once I’ve tried the melatonin.
      BTW – my dad’s birthday just passed. (he passed away a few years ago)
      In case you don’t remember…That’s how you and I ‘met’…he was a paratrooper during the Korean Conflict.
      It’s always nice to hear from you, gp…


      • I apologize for my memory, which these days is comparable to a wheel of swiss cheese – actually I call my head the “Black Hole”. Everything goes in, but nothing gets out!


    • Hi Charles! Actually, I did listen to some Gregorian chanting early this evening. It was calming and did help somewhat. Sometimes, if I post a song on by blog, it’s because I”m listening to music to it trying to get to sleep. Hope all is well, Charles! I’ll be passing by blogs shortly…


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