The Colors We Choose – Prose To Be Poem Maybe

When I was younger, I had a huge “wordy poetic crush” on a Brazilian poet.  He spent about a week in New Orleans – between working on cruise ships to finance his many travel adventures.  He did some poetry readings at the French Quarter cafe I frequented.  First in English and then in Portuguese.  Oh my!  Talk about romantic sounding.  One evening we drank spiked coffee together…and a couple of Brandy Alexanders.

He told me there were tons of ways to say ‘I love you’ in Portuguese and just one way to say it in English.  For a moment, I felt the limits of the English language.  And then I thought:

That’s interesting but there are many more ways to write about love than there are ways to say ‘I love you’  in Portuguese.  There are many ways to write about many experiences and emotions.    Similar emotions and experiences.  After all, we’re not that different from each other.  It just depends on where we focus the lens and the colors we choose.


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