A Crazy Day Deserves a Crazy Bouquet…

crazty flowers

You Took This – Crazy Flowers

and boy did I get one!  It’s cheerful and colorful…LOL!.  It looks painful to the flowers.  It’s trying to fit in with bananas and tomatoes and avocado…This picture…pffffft.  is one of mine.  Sigh.  Horrible lighting.  But try to think of women with too much eye make-up on and you can imagine it in a golden light.

Then suddenly!….the chocolate Easter Bunny from See’s wants her moment.

Your brother is a few minutes away. He’s driving up to stay with us for a few days.  It’s hotter in Los Angeles that it is in the Bay Area.  There have been some fires.  I feel horrible.  .At least I hope that’s the reason he’s coming.   Your family is just about as stupidly proud as mine.  I don’t usually read the news and we don’t have a television so….unless something – email/blog post/ telephone call clues  me in I don’t know what’s going on.  Sometimes I even boycott news altogether I’m concerned.  The last time he stayed with us I was so concerned I told you he should come live with us.  You said no.  I mean…he’s not my favorite person but we like some of the same stuff….

I’m probably going to come back later to blog.  You and your brother can catch up….I have something important to say later…I’m not sure…I think it’s about relationships.  I’m sorry if I don’t get around to many blogs today.

OMG!  It’s 30 mins since your brother called – a mile away – and he’s still not here.  He’s too proud to call again.  Damned Englishmen!


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