When Love Falls Into Our Lives – Prose for a poem maybe

I was intrigued, today, to read someone’s WordPress profile saying something about losing the love of their life and that maybe they lose at love because they have a fault in their genes.  I’d say not…and here is why:

I could be wrong here but I believe that we don’t determine when we will fall in love – nothing about our lives or our pasts or our genes determines that.  Love determines when it will fall into our lives.  Genes may determine many aspects of a life but having love enter a life isn’t one of those aspects.

It’s easy, I mean I’ve been there, to be looking for some outer element to be responsible for being unhappy in love.  It’s easy to think, too, that it’s something inside you….something’s wrong with me that’s why I have such a horrible time with love.

When love is ready, love will find a person.  I don’t believe there’s anything we can do to hasten love.  That may not sound very positive but it is my honest opinion based on my own experiences.  You will find mention of these experiences in my poetry.  The wonderful and the painful.  Those are my references.

Your brother has arrived safe and tired.


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