Palmetto Fields – A Poem

We’re both quite tired – but peacefulness settles in.  The feeling reminds me of this poem I wrote a while back.  I’ll re-post it here.  Sweet dreams!

Palmetto Fields
My feet, in borrowed rubber boots,
don’t carry me quite fast enough
down slopes, through woods, to soft wetlands
abundant still with cypress knees.
Brushing past wild magnolia
and budding dogwood that refresh
the ruddy heart of this spring swamp,
I peer through veils of Spanish moss
to see a fluttering field of fans,
transparent green in twilight’s glow.
And, bathed in this tranquility,
I rest upon a driftwood bench
until an egret circles near
and lifts me from my reverie.
In graceful spirals it descends
as light, into palmetto fields.


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