A Bit of Purpose Won’t Hurt

I have just made two somewhat ‘present life’ altering decisions.  I’m grateful for them:

1)  I just read a news headline that brought me to the following conclusion:  I’m probably not going to be able to read much political news this year…until after the elections.  There are ways to obtain honest information about issues and politicians.  I will seek out these ways to stay informed.  The alternative is to become a total pissed off basket case like I was during the last elections.  So…no…I’ll stay clear of instant update information.  It’s a bit easier to do – for me – because we don’t have a television and we only listen to the radio when we are driving.

2)  It doesn’t matter how few people I follow on WordPress…it’s unlikely that I’ll all of a sudden become current with the few I do follow.  I’m unable to – presently – find a solution to this issue.  I’m not gonna worry about that – or what Miss Manners would think.

So that feels better – to have made these tiniest of decisions that may have some positive outcome.  I’m not a big decision maker.  I’m more of a risk taker.  We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “A Bit of Purpose Won’t Hurt

  1. So true on the first. Many better, more dependable ways. And the second is one of those things we all have problems with I think. Life commitments ensure time limitations. Just go with the flow. I’ve tried to keep up via the reader, then tried email feed, back to the reader. Some days I just give up. Delete and start afresh. 😉
    I think everybody understands the reading/writing/life/time restrictions. At least, I hope they do. 🙂 x


    • I think people understand – it’s just giving myself permission…that’s way difficult for me to do.
      I hope your week end is going nicely…till laterz 🙂


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