Some Sorta Cajun Enchilada Sauce – A Recipe and a bit of prose…

Between pre-preparing some sort of Cajun Enchilada Sauce recipe I made up yesterday and watching toddlers this morning and doing the grocery this afternoon, I wanted to drop in to say:

You will be 72 this coming Monday…I don’t sense that to see you or to know you or to love you.  We’ll have a small dinner party Saturday – a lil birthday celebration.  We’ll all feast on some sorta enchiladas Cajun style and some sorta strawberry shortcake your style!  Lovely and wonderful and yum!


Some Sorta Cajun Enchilada Sauce Recipe – you’ll need to make a roux

You want to make this a day or so before…that lets the flavors sit around and marry up with each other.  So the party is Saturday evening and I’m making the enchilada sauce today – Thursday late afternoon.


almost half a cup of olive oil – or less.  if this is your first time making a roux, use almost half a cup.  Less oil is better for your health, but worry about that next time!

4 tablespoons of unbleached flour or some sort of flour

2 14.5 oz cans of no salt added diced tomatoes or fresh tomatoes to equal that

one half of a large onion diced

some garlic chopped fine –  about a tablespoon (I used that sort in a jar)

Make Roux: 

Put your fire to a low medium – this is about where I kept it the entire roux making time…

So you want to take your olive oil or veg oil and sort of get that not too hot.  So don’t get it too hot just warm it up – not until it’s smoking.  Then add the flour and stir that in.  Then let that cook.  And let it cook.  And let it cook. And let it cook until it’s the color of peanut butter.  This took me about 20 mins.  I’m a timid Cajun and I don’t want to burn my roux and have to start again.  Plus I have lots of time.  It’ll sorta have light bubbles and you want to stir it often.

You don’t want to leave the roux unattended for long at a time…but….While you’re cooking the roux, go on and chop that onion.  If you’re using fresh garlic chop that too.  Put the tomatoes into a blender and pulse a very few secs.

Then once your roux is done – the color of peanut butter (this is a lighter colored roux than for a gumbo)  – go on and add the chopped onion and garlic.  Let that all cook down for 15 – 20 mins.  Then go on and add the pulsed tomatoes.  Stir all that together pretty good.  To taste, add:  cumin, chilli powder and Mrs Dash and cayenne pepper…the whole point of making your own sauce is to know what’s in it and it helps reduce the sodium content and just damned tastes better than canned.

So then you simmer that Cajun Enchilada Sauce for 90 minutes then turn it off and let it cool down completely.  Then put into the fridge.  It’s Thursday early evening.  I’ll use this by Saturday evening.  This let’s all the flavors get together.  If I don’t use it all, I’ll freeze it.

***so…once you finish this and put in the fridge, before you use it you will have to thin it out some with a bit of water.  You won’t need it all so freeze some up.  Now that it’s cooled, I anticipate using about three quarters of the recipe for the party.***

Then, we all know an enchilada:

18 large corn or flour tortillas  (for party of 8)

put some seasoned cooked beef/chicken/seafood in the center (not too skimpy on the stuffing parts) and put some shredded cheese then roll it up.  We are having 8 for dinner so I’m making 18 enchiladas.  I’ll roll those up and put them into a lasagna pan sprayed with Pam and maybe will need another small pan to make 18. Then top that with your sauce and more cheese.  Cover that pan/s and bake at like 325-350 for 20 mins then  – if you want, and like some crispier parts – uncover and bake the other 10 to 15 mins.   Cooking time is 30 -40 mins depending on the oven temp.   I don’t think I’ll uncover it.  I don’t like my cheese all dried out.  Other people are successful at uncovering at the last and having everything perfect.  I’m not one of those people…

For eight people that would make two enchiladas each.  Serve with refried beans (I make my own to lose the sodium).  Have condiments like sour cream and sliced jalapeño (fresh or in a jar) and sliced black olives and taco sauces of some kind (green and red).  Have a nice green salad on the side or on the same plate.

Yummy in the tummy,


3 thoughts on “Some Sorta Cajun Enchilada Sauce – A Recipe and a bit of prose…

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    • I’ll let you know! We’re simmering the beef stuffing parts and making a guacamole now. Then to relax for a couple of hours…I love having dinner parties!


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