Even Poets Aren’t That Romantic – Question for Poets

You’ve bookmarked my blog onto your computer.  We’re romantically relaxing today. You decide to go to my blog and read some of my poetry.  You seem somewhat surprised that the first poem you read was a love poem about you:

Me:  Which one are you reading?

You:  What I’ll Remember One Day.

Me:  Oh!  That’s my Memorial Day love poem to you.

A little while later:

Me:  What are you reading?

You:  Your blog poems.

Me:   Oh gosh…well just don’t get a swell head over it.  Most of those are love poems to you.

You:  Oh?

Me:   Yes.  You don’t think I give you every love poem I write, do you?   And sometimes even love poems aren’t that lovey-dovey.

You:  you cracked up laughing.

Me:  Oh stop laughing.  (I’m trying to stifle a giggle)  Even poets aren’t romantic all the time.

You:  No?

Me:  No.

I’m really happy you’ve read my last few love poems.  I’m not the type to print them out and put them as your breakfast place mat.  Or to even ever give them to you at all.

I can’t imagine how impossible you’d be to live with if you knew how incredibly much I loved you.

SMH and sighing…am I the odd love poet?  Do love poets actually ever give – except rarely – anyone one of their love poems or do they just become a journal of changing feelings?


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