Sunday Poets – Call For Poets To Read

Oh my goodness!  What am I doing?  So…

A week or so ago I posted that I wanted to host a Sunday Poetry Reading for each Sunday in June.  A few poets have expressed an interest and, thanks to   ‘Friday Fictioneers’,   I think I’ve discovered a way to make that actually happen 😛

I just opened an account with InLinkz.  Saturday morning I’ll post that poets can begin linking their readings to InLinkz. Here’s how this will work – if it at all works out:

1)  create a poetry reading on your blog.  There are several recording options available from the internet.  I use Audacity…it’s free.  And then there’s the Media Player one.  Both easy to use…I find this works best if I wear a headphone – clearer quality.

2)  on Saturday morning, I’ll post the link on my blog.  It’s a thing with a frog and will be on the bottom of my post.  Click that frog and follow the instructions.  By linking, your reading will go to the InLinkz page for Sunday Poets.  I’ll keep the link open Saturday noonish until Sunday midnight.  If you attach the link icon to the bottom of your post, readers can to to Sunday Poets page – on InLinkz – and listen to other poets as well.   InLinkz is sort of like a page that holds all the  blog links for that weeks readings.

3)  please read your own original work only.

4)  if this interests you, please let me know by comment.

5)  enjoy Sunday Poets this June!

Let me know if you have any questions…and remember, it’s not opened yet.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Poets – Call For Poets To Read

    • Hi ~
      The reading would be posted on your site so, if people are listening to them there now, it’ll be fine. Once the reading is posted onto your site you’ll just link it to InLinkz with a coded icon. I’m trying to write up an easy three step process to post on my blog Saturday.
      I’m happy you’ll participate. Should be exciting 🙂


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