Images – Prose About Poetry

You’ve  wondered about the photos I choose for my poetry.  How all of that is worked out.  Maybe others wonder about this, too:

So…I write a poem.  Then I spend LOTS of time looking at pictures and picking one out.  Like the last poem – Hollywood n’ Costco.  Since I was already in a Hollywood frame of mind when I read the prompt and since we’d just been to Costco this afternoon, I wrote this poem.  THEN I went looking for a photo.

Why a photo with my poetry?  That’s a good question.  Images are emotionally confirming to me.  Not that an image makes what I write make sense…but particular images say to me:  Aha!  This photographer or painter felt – at a moment – what I’m feeling.

Art is as universal as feelings.  Images are soothing to me – often more soothing than words.

You’re on your way back.  It will feel good to feed you and see you smile.


2 thoughts on “Images – Prose About Poetry

  1. Interesting. It’s funny how it works sometimes. For prose posts, I go for the pics first. For poetry, I get them after I do the writing. It’s like one needs some visual inspiration and the other doesn’t. Pictures also help in blogging because they bring attention to the post.


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