One Summer Soon An Autumn

I am exhausted lately to think of it.  It.  To publish that small collection of my poetry I promised myself to do this spring.  Here we are…almost summer.  I’m chuckling.  There’s no way I’ll meet the spring deadline.  Autumn.  I’ve always loved October!  So crisp and fresh before all that death.

That’s OK.  The world –  thank the gods –  won’t end on Summer Solstice.  I can break a promise to myself now and then.  So that’s OK.

One summer soon.  I’m smiling on myself.  One summer soon an autumn.


4 thoughts on “One Summer Soon An Autumn

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    • Hi Charles,
      You’re probably right about that. Whatever happened to people lying on the beach reading a good book? And. of course, my collection of poetry – when it’s published – would be the perfect book 🙂
      I’ve been trying to keep up with your data situation. Hope it’s coming along.


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