It’s About That Vision Thang – Some Joy

Since some of you are following my blog and know about my macular degeneration, and since it’s just such a joyful day – and a hopeful day for those of us with this eye issue..I went for my exam today…

I haven’t needed an eye injection, for my wet macular degeneration, in over 9 months 🙂 Of course, I’d had weekly and then monthly or every other month injections for almost 10 years…I was so lucky that my disease was diagnosed just a couple of weeks before injections became an approved treatment method.  So lucky that I was going to the Stanford Eye Clinic.  So lucky that my doctor was taking part in the trial.  Just so damned lucky all the way around…compared to what could have been.  Especially since I’d been only in my early 50’s when diagnosed.

So yes, I’ll take an eye injection any day.  If that’s what it takes to prolong my vision…pffft.  Piece of cake.  And now look!  Maybe all of these years of injections have had some sort of slow benefit and slowing of the disease.

I’m just so damned thankful!  My girlfriend and I went to a bakery and I bought  a very small chocolate iced chocolate bundt cake to split with you later.  We’ll celebrate and be horribly unhealthy and have it with ice cream and walnuts  and whipped cream!

OMG!  Yummy thankfulness just abounds.


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