Fiber Optically Yours

I can’t remember when we last had a decent internet connection.  For months, I’ve been rebooting our modem several times a day.  Then there was that week the cables, outside our condo building, fell to the ground.  After that was fixed, we thought – for a day – that things were better.  And then…we slowed down to a total crawl.  And the rebooting the modem issue became worse.

We’re two rather peaceful laid back people so…we’ve lived like this.  I’m thinking since at least last November.  We’re not in a hurry to get anywhere on the internet.  It was just frustrating as hell.  So…

Yesterday we were set up with some closer fiber optic VDSL something and before we had something called ADSL.   And we went from 3  somethings to 18 somethings.  And no, I don’t know what I’m talking about.  I only know that our internet is so faster and our new modem is working.

You and I met and had a lovely courtship using dial-up internet connections.  We somehow managed to connect and chat enough times to decide to meet in person and eventually  marry.

Our grandparents used to tell us how they walked miles to school everyday.  We’ll be telling our grand kids that it used to take us forever  to connect to  the internet so stop complaining about having to wait 2 seconds 😛

So yay for advancing technology.


8 thoughts on “Fiber Optically Yours

    • That was our initial thought – minor problem in life. I think we would have just kept at it had not the phone company called to discuss a new ‘plan’. Once they took off t he TV option – since we don’t have a television – it was affordable. It’ll be nice to watch a movie now and then again!


      • It’s all so confusing. As soon as you threaten to go elsewhere they’re all over you like a rash. There’s so much competition but I hate searching for the deals. I don’t even watch TV but everyone else here does. I’d be cast to Siberia if I denied them TV. Having said that, i do go for a basic sort of package….as long as we all have internet seems to be the main priority.


  1. Until I moved house in February I had the exact same problem! Now I’ve gone from 6Mb/s (when it worked at all) to 40Mb/s on FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) for the same price 🙂 Yay, decent streaming video at last!

    I liked your comment (and your lovely story of how you met) on the changing face of technology and our expectations of it. We didn’t even have a phone when I was a kid. Now I get annoyed when a massive web page won’t load instantly.


    • Hello again! Oh my goodness! Your internet connection sounds like it could reach another planet! Not bad for meeting new and different people. Maybe even a poet. 😛
      I’ve read about your new house. Scary path for two, too…feels homey though. Until next time,


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