The Shape Of Things – Prose/Fiction

I wrote this for this week’s   Friday Fictioneers led by Rochelle     A 100 word  (or so) story based on the photo prompt below.  Come join us!

The Shape Of Things

People will tell you there’s always been something not quite right about Buck.  Sometimes I worry,  but I love Buck.

One Saturday,  his Dad wanted him to remove some junk from just about where their property trails into the swamp.  I went along.

“Look at that, ” Buck stood by a tree stump.  In the center, someone had stuck a broken mannequin and a rusty pipe

“Sissy?  Do you see the outline of a woman’s face at the end of that pipe?  Looking to heaven?”

Quite honestly,  I hadn’t seen that.

“Like a statue of the Madonna.”  He sounded serious.


Photo Prompt: Copyright Madison Woods

24 thoughts on “The Shape Of Things – Prose/Fiction

    • You have me chuckling. He’s much more interesting than many we may meet in our lives…
      thanks, Riya, for reading and commenting on my work. I appreciate your support.


    • I appreciate your comment, Bjorn You were right when you said – the first week I dropped by Friday Fictioneers – that it’s addicting. Thanks for reading this piece.


  1. Ellespeth, Buck does sound like an interesting person. He really has an original way of looking at things. Never a dull moment with an imagination like that. Good and well-written story. 🙂 —Susan


    • Hi Nan ~ Thanks for reading this piece and for your comment. He’s turning out to be quite a character! It would be interesting – for me – to revisit this tree later in time. Thanks again, Nan!


    • I’m chuckling. When I awoke this morning, I realized what I thought was a rusty pipe may be a broken tree branch!
      I’m happy you enjoyed this piece. Thanks for reading and commenting…


    • Thanks for passing by, Mike, and reading this piece. Buck is turning out to be interesting to me. Your comment has my imagination going…stay tuned! Thanks again!


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