The Things We Sanctify

If you’re reading this and following my blog, you’ll recall that I was so excited last week about finally having a proper Silicon Valley internet connection.


Our internet was out from wake-up time today  until a bit ago.  I finally had to holler into the phone, to poor Pam, “This is unacceptable.  I expect to have our service up and running today.”  She’d just told me it would be two days of waiting for repair.

She said some company cue card thing.  I said,  “Anything you say is unacceptable until you say you are fixing this problem today.”  Then I said, “Look, this isn’t your fault and it’s not my fault.  Just tell the service man I am unable to spend my entire life waiting, at home for AT&T to fix our internet and phone connection.”

It took over an hour but w were somehow able to fix it remotely.  I felt bad for Pam.  I felt bad for me, too.  I felt shocked that Silicon Valley can bring the internet to the world but can’t keep it going in Silicon Valley 😎 I’ve felt this way before and said this before.

That issue was fixed then:

Kaiser hadn’t sent my premium bill for July.  Their Northern California Pay Your Bill  On The Internet site was down.  Hahaha!  When I finally reached Member Serives, I was on hold for  an hour.  Evidently, Kaiser is having a problem shooting out bills and, with the Pay On Line site down, well…the phones were a nightmare.  When they finally picked up – I was disconnected.  Grrrr.  Called again.  Didn’t have to wait as long.  Paid my bill by phone 😉  Geez.

Don’t get me wrong.  I ‘m happy to have health insurance.  I’m happy to have internet and telephone.  Gimme a break!   It’s 2014.  Companies need to start hiring more people and stop sitting on their mountains of cash.

Ellespeth steps off soap box.  Let me see if I can accomplish anything creative today.


One thought on “The Things We Sanctify

  1. Or at least get some quality control. I spent a chunk of yesterday afternoon on the phone with our insurance company because somebody switched my son’s main doctor to my wife’s doctor. They were sending new cards and everything. Ridiculous and I’m not even sure how that happened since I would assume you’d notice you’re putting a 4-year-old under an adult doctor.


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