That Henderson County Mardi Gras- Fiction

I wrote this for this week’s   Friday Fictioneers led by Rochelle     A 100 word  (or so) story based on the photo prompt below.  Come join us!

That Henderson County Mardi Gras

Buck spent a long time designing a skeleton bust of Bacchus. Then, a group of us met several nights a week for weeks putting a paper mache personality onto the party god.  We festooned a Ford flatbed with LED lights.  By the time the bust was put on the flatbed, we had created a temple.

I costumed with  pink foam rubber curlers in my hair and fuzzy bunny slippers on my feet. “Sissy, you deserve a costume award for looking so beautiful in those slippers,” Buck teased.

That Mardi Gras, we drove through the streets throwing beads we’d hung from the crown of Bacchus.


photo prompt copyright claire fuller

17 thoughts on “That Henderson County Mardi Gras- Fiction

    • Thank you! I’m always so happy when someone reads my work and comments that they visioned it somehow and enjoyed it. I’m about – perhaps in a few hours – to post another Sissy and Buck episode.
      Thank you again for reading my work…


    • Thank you, Susan. My life and been chaotic these last few days…sorry if I’ve missed this comment. I hope you will follow my Buck and Sissy story….I’ll post another one later this evening. That Bacchus!


    • Hi Nan ~
      Thank you! I’m just getting back online – our internet and phone have been down for two days. I’m anxious to start reading the stories again and look forward to yours. How could I not after your goat one last week?


  1. Dear Ellespeth,

    This was fun, pure and simple. 😀

    BTW I once costumed in robe and foam curlers. I had to cut the curlers out of my hair because my curly hair has a mind of its own.




    • Hi Freya ~ Thanks for reading this and for your comment. I’m sorry for this delay – our internet went down for two days…modern times, eh? Bacchus probably did enjoy wearing a crown strung with cheap beads!


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