The Connection That Wasn’t Now Is

Pffffttttt!  Two more days with no internet.  Once again ‘it’s fixed’.  I hope so.  I probably won’t catch up on my reader.  I’ll try but…

I’m reviewing poetry and considering prose to go with some poems.  I’ve edited some of my poems.  I’ve put my work on a memory key.  I’ve steam cleaned the indoor floors and finished mopping the balcony.

I depend on the internet more that I thought.  Research and all.  Plus, with my vision issue, it’s easier to look spelling up…I’m not one to spell check until the very end.  If I’m not sure, I still like to look it up.  I like to be sure I’m using the right word, too.  It’s always interesting to find synonyms listed with the definitions, etc.

Until laterz..

Ellespeth    ♥

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