I Was A Young Boy Then – Fiction

I wrote this for this week’s   Friday Fictioneers led by Rochelle     A 100 word  (or so) story based on the photo prompt below.  Come join us!

I thought, this time, I’d write something before I read anything else written.

I Was A Young Boy Then

Everyone heard her shouting.  All up and down the block they gathered.  Hauntingly hovered darkness over the neighborhood.

“I won’t hear from your  lips again!” she hollered.  “Not another word that you say!”

I was a young boy then.  Listening safely, from my bed, to this ruckus in the night.  Hoping her husband would say something.  Anything.

Everything in the world was silent.  Then came the sound of her old red Mustang screeching down our street.


Photo  – Copyright – Kelly Sands

14 thoughts on “I Was A Young Boy Then – Fiction

    • Hi Susan!
      I was thinking of my years living in the New Orleans French Quarter…late night seemed to bring out all sorts…nothing was private or sacred 😛 Thanks for passing by and reading this piece and for your comment.


  1. Either way – escaping or running over the husband – it Must be done in a red mustang. Great take on the prompt.

    ( Hauntingly hovered darkness over the neighborhood. This sentence tripped me up. Wonder if a switch of wording “Darkness hovered hauntingly over the neighborhood” would give it a more even flow. Or you can ignore me : – ) )


  2. She sounds a character I’d like to know. Just the way you do that one word last line. Full of meaning.
    The narrator still remembers this from long ago. There’s a lot of untold stuff here. More please.


    • We could all use a character like her in our lives…somewhere down the block 😛 I happy to read that you’ve enjoyed this piece…I continue to work on it.
      I thought I responded earlier…that response probably landed on someone another blog! Oops..
      Thanks for passing by, Patrick, and for commenting on my work.


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