Third Verse…

same as the first – and it did get worse.  I should not be hearing any chuckling here….

We might be back online again.  I don’t want to get myself all excited here.  And I’m not really sure what transpired between AT&T and me but:

We lost our connection again.  And again.  And again.  And then this lil Cajun said:  Just an effin minute here!  I have had enough of enough.  So, unfortunately for AT&T, I called them on our emergency cell phone (once we found it in your car, in your trunk, in your hiking sack)

Outcome:  AT&T is going to eat the $180 bill we received for service that a toddler could have provided.  We get to keep the new modem for free.  We lowered our speed.  We kept our land line but limited our minutes to 215 minutes a month.  We don’t use the phone that much.  That’s 7 minutes a day.  Great!  Some days we don’t even answer the phone.  That means we talk longer some days.  Our monthly bill is less than $80 – phone and internet combined.

This didn’t happen quickly.  I had to call back 6 times within 3 hours to get this done.  I had to use the word “SCAM”.  I did not curse.  Or holler.  I just, somewhat calmly, told them what I thought of AT&T.  The last lady I spoke with was fantastic!  She did exactly what any of the other representatives could have done.   I guess we won. 😛

Then, while I was somewhat here or not here, plenty people seem to have visited my blog.  WordPress sent me a message “Your stats are booming…your blog appears to be getting more traffic than usual.”  I have to go see what that’s about!  I’m trying to get better about reading those things that pop up under the quote bubble icon thing.  It’s like a telephone!  Ack!  I think I’m nervous 😦

I have made some serious decisions about where I will post my work online.  It took a while to make this decision..but it’s made.  Something creative has come from that process and I’ll post that later this evening.

Ellespeth   ♥

5 thoughts on “Third Verse…

  1. I’ve been on the other end of that call before… be careful that the last rep didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear.

    Your site is awesome! Glad to hear your stats are booming! 😀


    • I’ve thought of that….the conversation was ‘recorded’ and she had notes from the other conversations. I also took notes. Sigh. I just want it fixed and I hope it is!
      Thanks for your compliment on my blog, Bradley…it was one poem – the censored self – and my previous fiction – it doesn’t take much some days – that brought visitors.
      I won’t think on that because, mostly I’m a ‘this is my life enjoy reading on it’ sort of person. I need to study more about how wordpress works. etc.
      Thanks for your visit and your always support of my efforts,


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