Everyone Heard Her

Let me put this up here.  This is an idea I’ve been working on for the small poetry collection I hope to publish this year.    At first I thought it would be just poetry.  Now I’m working on the idea of one page poetry and the facing page prose on the same theme.  I have one  ready.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to use the photographs in the book  😦  Wondering how this would go over.  If you have a moment to comment your opinion of this idea that’s be great.  If not, know that I appreciate you reading this and following my work.   Ellespeth

Over The Neighbors’ Fences – A Poem
Everyone heard her leaving him
hollering out
into a blue sky afternoon.
Quilts and sheets
billowed on clothes lines
and ladies whispered
over backyard fences
up and down the block.
The men hurried to the corner
where they discussed the situation
over beer and peanuts
up and down the bar.


I Was A Young Boy ThenProse/Fiction

Everyone heard her shouting.  All up and down the block they
gathered.   Darkness hovered hauntingly over our neighborhood.

“I won’t hear from your lips again!” she hollered.“Not another word that you say!”

I was a young boy then.  Listening safely, from my bed, to this
ruckus in the night. Hoping
her husband would say something.

Everything in the world was silent.
And then there came the sound of her
old red Mustang screeching down our street.



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