He Still Thinks I’m Beautiful

Marriage.  Relationships.  Lovers in love.  When you’re walking down the street, one day, and you see this ‘older couple’ walking and holding hands and you start hoping to finally reach that point in life…where everything finally calms down…Hahaha!

Today we received an email from my gf asking us to an outing this week-end.  My response was:

“We’d love to go to Shakespeare in the park this weekend for Taming of the Shrew!!  That sounds lovely.  I’ve been a bit of a shrew lately…”

Don’t those soft-spoken women ever raise their voices?  Don’t they ever say the FU words?  I doubt it.  I feel somewhat badly for judging myself.  I want to be more like you:

Me:  Oh my gawd, the balcony door to the pool was open just now so everyone probably heard me cussing out AT&T!  (yes, that drama isn’t over)  And I think I hollered at you over it while they put me on hold 😦

You:   Everyone has disagreements sometimes.

Me:  Not around here.

You:   You’re beautiful.

I love you, you know…for letting me just be.



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