As Long As It Stays Respectable – Fiction

There is a challenge going on over at Community Storyboard to write no more than 1500 words about the picture below.    I”m on my way to post this now.  Please join us.

I thought I’d revive Sissy and Buck – for those of you following my work:

As Long As It Stays Respectable

I’d do just about anything for Buck. At least I ‘d try to. Now, I don’t want all those liberating women types flying their opinions in my face. As I have well proven, in the past, I absolutely can live my life my way.  When it comes to Buck and me though, I’m a bit slack in my expectations. That doesn’t mean I lessen my expectations.

“Sissy, are you saying you’d let us live here? 10 artists for 5K a month?” Lorraine looked me this way to Texas and back.

“As long as it stays respectable.” I tried to bring her focus back to St, Charles Avenue, New Orleans.

“That’s pretty vague.”

“Well, nothing on the outside could change. I wouldn’t want everyone to know what was going on.”

There it went again. That judge-in-the-family voice. Sissy’s married a crazy man.

And then I began to weep and Lorraine had her arms around me and I just, well you know, I just blathered away uncontrollably. “When Buck is discharged, I don’t want him coming back here, Lorraine.”

We sat together on the front stoop of that old and judgmental Victorian house my parents had given me. I held onto Lorraine and Lorraine held me.

“If I do this,” Lorraine put a slight distance between us, “where will you go?” Then she kissed my cheek.

“The Norway farm.”

“Buck farms?”

“Neither of us do.” I shrugged.

“You’re nuts.”

“Probably so.”


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