Book Review – Love Lost & Found by Pamela Beckford

I have recently finished Pamela Beckford’s poetry collection Love: Lost & Found, which follows her collection Dreams of Love.  (both available at Amazon)

Right off the bat, Ms Beckford’s poems allow the reader to explore so  many different forms of poetry. Structured forms and free verse. I suggest reading the last few pages of Love: Lost & Found first. Here, Ms Beckford has listed and explained the forms/structures of poetry she utilizes. While the poems can be enjoyed without such explanation, it certainly prepares one to realize the discipline involved in composing poetry.

As I was reading this poetry collection, I had the feeling of being invited to that deep space of loving and longing. One is fire to the other. Like a circle. One very beautiful poem, “Dreaming”, is still with me days after reading.  “Something’s not quite the same/But the pillow holds your shape.”

Can’t go wrong with this one! I have enjoyed watching Ms Beckford’s growth as a poet and look forward to reading more of her work.


4 thoughts on “Book Review – Love Lost & Found by Pamela Beckford

    • You’re welcome, Pamela. Once I posted this, I was chuckling…you should have read the first draft 😛 doing book reviews makes me nervous but I do enjoy your poetry and I wanted t say so.
      Hope all goes well with your dad’s move…


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