Gawd Save Me!

Oh my goodness! Gawd save me!  😦   Before you went down to BBQ supper, you agreed to help me with my WordPress issue.  See previous entry.

You:  What’s this notification link?

Me:  I’m not sure.  I don’t want to click it.

You:  OK

Me:  You click it.

You:  OK

Me:  Hmmmm   (Oh my gawd!  It’s a longer list than the lil quotation icon up top.)  😦

You:  See this blue link here?

Me:  No?  That’s a link?

You:  Yes.  Now what did you do?

Me:  I clicked lots of those.

You:  How?

Me:  I’m not sure.

Hahaha!  I see what I did now but it’s too confusing to explain.  I’ve fixed as much as I’m going to fix. WordPress needs to change that link color…it’s much too light-colored for my vision issue!  I practiced…before I fixed…I hope I fixed the practice ones.

That said, the archive function – though wonderful, is beyond my needs.  I won’t use it again, though 😛

If I still have any followers, thanks for reading this and for your understanding.

Now, where was I?



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