Good Grief! Now What?

This is very odd.  There’s an odd-looking airplane with wings that have like helicopter propellers on top.  It’s been circling the city for over an hour.  It’s noisy. When it passes over us, the condo building literally shakes.

Sigh…it’s certainly Google up to something or other…now that they’ve taken over the city they plan to take over the airspace too!


8 thoughts on “Good Grief! Now What?

  1. Must be “Google Airview” 🙂 Before you know it they’ll be trying to sell you aerial pictures of your house. You’ll be able to pay a premium not to have adverts all over the photo.


    • It did look just like that Dominic. My husband read that page you sent and said it was probably out here to test ‘something’. I mentioned to him that the one we saw was darker colored and he said it had been painted like camouflage. Maybe testing software? It was a horrible sound…can’t camouflage noise and shaking buildings.
      Yes. Very interesting and spooky since one of our military bases, in Arkansas, went on lock down today.
      Thanks for the link.


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