The Sweet Gum Rescue

I’ve fallen again so…I’ve ordered a walking cane to use when I am walking/hiking on uneven ground. Made from the wood of the sweet gum tree…one of my favorites.  It’s free form and will come 34″ high.

The fall happened when a stroller rolled over my foot and tripped me while I was walking on some uneven park grounds.  Ahh…  The joys of walking in the park!  And I fell – you said gracefully – but…still I hit my head (not badly) and have an ache in my neck that’s getting better over two days.  Bruise on my right hip and top of my right hand.  My head ached, initially, but had stopped by the time we reached home.   Perhaps my goddess, Artemis, watches over forests and parks!

Hmffff.  This did not deter me from pulling out one of my hiking sticks so we could go to a hilly park to watch The Taming of the Shrew with  friends.   I was really glad I brought the darned stick, too…not only were there hills to climb but also exposed tree roots calling my name.

So I cried and ordered the cane.  My macular degeneration has done something to my depth perception and that does something to one’s balance.  Oh well…yes…better to order the cane.

This is about the 4th time I’ve fallen in two years.  Once a terrible head fall in the tub.  (a total slippery fall not to do at all with macular degeneration) Others not so bad head-touching falls.

My cousin just recently died from hitting his head in a fall.

I worry enough about just living each day some days…I’m not so carefree.  I never have been.

Last evening, we went with a group of friends to see The Taming of the Shrew.  It was free.

I was remembering how my mother made my dad seem so old when he eventually needed a cane  and he, therefore, seldom would use the one we gave him.  Even though you so carefully measured one of my hiking sticks to my perfect height…I still felt like I was embarrassing you…

silly me.  Sometimes I just don’t see the differences between the ways we love each other and the ways my parents loved.  That could be a fault of mine.

You were excited with me as  we looked for canes to order.  When I decided on this free form one, you agreed it was perfect!  Those beautiful sweet gum trees.


5 thoughts on “The Sweet Gum Rescue

  1. Both of my grandparents had canes like that. I think they look cool, but I’ve never really had that ‘cane = old’ mentality. Besides, I know a few people my age that should consider using one since they have the coordination of a drunk rhino.


  2. My grandfather had a walking stick made of sweet gum wood! My cousins and I used to try to balance on it (with the handle on tummy) and legs and arms out.
    I’m so glad you weren’t seriously hurt in you fall. Those falls can really rattle your insides for awhile.


    • Hahaha! I would insist on a picture of this…what a wonderful memory 🙂 Yes, I’m fall-rattled now…and I’ll have a loverly cane to prove it! Thanks for passing by here and for your comment…


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