Good Lord! We Babysat Again!

I woke up this morning with all sorts of things on my mind that would have been, I’m sure, great to put into words.  A poem.  Maybe a short piece of prose.

Alas!  We babysat for a 9 month old and a two-year old for 6 and a half hours today.

Anything that could have possibly made sense this morning hasn’t found its way back into my brain this evening.


3 thoughts on “Good Lord! We Babysat Again!

    • 😛 sigh. We’re actually doing this today (Wed) and tomorrow, too. As luck has it, they live a block from IKEA 🙂 It was almost 90 degrees today. We spent a great deal of today’s 6 hours napping them or strolling them thru IKEA! Nice and cool….and they loved it. Tomorrow is the last day we’re babysitting for this family…their afternoon nanny is on vacation. Whew!


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