Goldenrod Wingtips – fiction

I wrote this for this week’s   Friday Fictioneers led by Rochelle     100 words  (or so)  based on the photo prompt below.  Come join us!

This is more of Buck & /Sissy…for those following this tale.  Stands alone good here and I’m thankful for the prompt, Rochelle!

Goldenrod Wingtips

Buck settled into his seat on the plane. Even on a tense day like today, when he’d just been discharged from the psych unit,  he could stretch out comfortably.

When you are discharged, come to the Norway farm,” Sissy had written him. Sissy was so ever-loving of him. So sure of every step they’d taken together.  When he prayed, Buck gave thanks for Sissy.

As the plane landed, a ray of sunlight touched upon the wing’s tip and burst goldenrod sparkles.

Buck was crazy as the day is born. Some days,  though,  that just doesn’t matter.


photo prompt copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

22 thoughts on “Goldenrod Wingtips – fiction

  1. (Buck was crazy as the day is born – I always thought this saying went “Crazy as the day is long not born. Whatever.)
    burst goldenrod sparkles Boy did this bring the color to life. Well done.


    • Alicia ~
      I think you’re right about the saying 😛 Chuckling at myself!
      Since I can’t stand flying, I almost passed on this one. Glad the sparkles worked! Thanks for reading and, as usual, for your helpful comments.


  2. There is that thin line between the two world; and its often the soft tug of love that makes the difference. Nice beginning for a promise of a sweet story !


  3. Hey,

    Not sure how you feel about constructive criticism, but here goes anyway, and this is likely more a personal thing, but the repetition of “when he’d just been discharged” so close together, seems to me like I’m being hammered with it. Removing one of them could let you add something elsewhere.

    But the story is intriguing.


    • Hi Craig ~
      I appreciated honest opinions of my work. That said…I’ll rework this piece – eventually – and what you’ve mentioned is something I can work on.
      Thanks for reading my work, Craig, and for your comment.


    • Some of mine are too! I might be – from time to time – myself 😛 Maybe they’re both lucky…
      Thanks for reading this piece, Rochelle. I so appreciated this prompt!


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