And That’s Love – Some Love Stuff

I don’t handle stress well.  I mean…I REALLY DON’T.  So this hasn’t been the best week for me.

I think we bit off more than we wanted to chew with this last babysitting job.  I’ll leave it there except to say…

when it was all over – yesterday, after three afternoons – and we arrived home, I should not have lit into you like I did.  I just get so frustrated sometimes.  And, unfortunately, there you are  😦   And, on the other end of the see-saw,  there am I for you.

It’s horrible, really.

And then we pass each other in the hallway and you bump against me and I’m like ‘hmmpfff” and I bump back against you.  And then, you know, it’s over.  Chalked up to life and moods and love.

So, yeah… Judy Garland is crooning from our stereo.  I mean really, right?  Sometimes you just take a pass on it all.

And that’s love.


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