In Mother Superior’s Office

I wrote this for this week’s   Friday Fictioneers led by Rochelle     100 words  (or so)  based on the photo prompt below.  Come join us!

In Mother Superior’s Office

Sister Agnes handed me the locket.  She explained it and a blanket, stamped with my name and the boarding school’s,  were found in the garden house of one of the area’s summer homes.

“Mrs. Flannagan came early to open their  house for Easter.”  She folded her hands on her desk.  “What were you thinking, Claire?  People just don’t allow themselves the comfort of someone else’s home without being invited.  Especially when they aren’t even there.”

“I’m so sorry, Sister.”  I hesitated.   “Did they find anything else?”

She handed me something wrapped in tissue paper.  “It’s your bra, Claire.”

“Thank you, Sister.”


photo Copyright-Björn Rudberg

27 thoughts on “In Mother Superior’s Office

  1. Ellespeth, Of course, many girls go to Catholic boarding schools who don’t become nuns. I knew of one such school when I was younger where they “really” kept an eye on those girls. They even checked their mail. The parents in those days expected that, and the nuns felt responsible. I don’t know how many of those schools are run by nuns these days as there are far fewer nuns.I know in the past if a kid gave too much trouble, the parents got them back. That was understood. Good story and well written. 🙂 —Susan


    • There were a few around New Orleans, still, in the 60’s. Not sure what the situation is now but I’m sure there are still some. Thanks for reading and commenting, Susan. I’m glad you enjoyed this!


    • Your photo carries so many possibilities. It reminded me of an old catholic boarding school for girls – now used as a retreat center. Beautiful old place with many stories I’m sure.
      I’m chuckling…poor Claire. Thanks for passing by, Bjorn, and for your comment. Hope you are enjoying your holiday.


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