OK…What’s Happened to My Post Page?

Kitten and Puppy hd Wallpapers_4I am not happy.  Let me see what this post does.  I am not happy. I’m retired.  I should have the choice to learn something new or keep using the old.  Geez.  I hope I’m posting in the right place.  This is a test.

What’s with the beep beep boop screen thing?  Betty Boop’s cousin?  Good Lord!


11 thoughts on “OK…What’s Happened to My Post Page?

  1. I just ran into this thing and it’s so buggy. Problem posting links, the post scheduling is screwed up, it isn’t set up to automatically post onto other social media sites, and the thing looks so dull and lifeless. Whoever put it together and green lit it must not be human.


    • Oh my goodness! It sounds even worse for you, Charles 😦 I think it was ever different when I went to edit. I wish they’d work on more free themes and leave what’s working alone! Grrrrrr.
      Love wordpress, though…


  2. Yup, that’s R2-D2 that I was talking about. I always go to my Dashboard first and then click on New Post from there. Same old happy editor that I loved. 🙂

    I just adore that picture btw! 😀


    • Ohhh good deal. I tried that dashboard way and found my old posting page. Yay! I’m just noticing this today so I hope it’s something new.
      Yes. The picture. 🙂 OK…Where’s My REAL food 😛


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