5 thoughts on “Old Boxes – A Poem

  1. Some poems I need to read 2 or 3 times to understand what is behind the words, but yours are so clear, I love them. This one is great, we can be broken in the outside, but our insides (ideas, values) should not be broken. Did I get it right?


    • Hi Elizabeth 🙂
      It’s been interesting to me and I’ve been curious – probably since junior high over 50 years ago – how important is it to know what the poet meant…I remember rarely getting the meaning that the teacher thought was the meaning. So your comment may lead me to create a post about that topic. It’s difficult, for me, to say what I mean. Hahaha! That’s probably why writing poetry is so appealing to me.

      We can be broken or a real box can be broken…I guess…crushed in some way.

      If one is strong perhaps it’s possible to guard the ideas and values of importance over time – or find them again inside a box being unpacked one day.

      I appreciate your comment and your personal insights into my work. I enjoy hearing them.



      • I always try to understand the meaning of it to me, but the same poem can have one meaning one day and another complete different few months ahead. I think it depends on our state of mind when we read it. It’s very personal, someone can never impose the meaning to another person.Looking forward to your post about it.


    • Hi James ~ Thanks for reading and commenting on this piece. I’m happy the lay out worked for you. I was pleased, too, with the way it fits – sometimes the repeat works and sometimes it’s overbearing.

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