Thank Gawd That’s Done

I’m really tired these last few weeks.  We’ve decided, after almost 7 years, to unpack those last remaining boxes and settle into our condo.  It’s been fairly exhausting, physically and emotionally, for both of us.

We’ve been a b it touchy with each other.  It’s been a difficult month but something we had to endure.  What – in our lives before there was a ‘we’ 14 years ago – did each of us want to keep?  The “keep” parts were once again tucked away.  Sometimes we shared stories.

This isn’t the first time we’ve ‘purged stuff’ and told stories.  It’s never easy to let go.  We’re lucky, though.  I want to know all about you that I can.  I want to know what these pieces of your first marriage mean to you.  I want to know about that broken miniature toy army tank.  I’m glad that I know it was your brother’s.  I’m touched and love you even more because you took out the super glue and fixed one of its tread things.  I want us to make a scrapbook of all those pictures we collected before we met each other.  I don’t want us to forget our ‘past lives’.

Tomorrow I’ll go, with some girlfriends, to the arts and wine festival.  I want some lemonade and some kind of festival junk food.  I want a pair of earrings.  I’ll probably have lemonade 😛

Have a great Saturday!


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