Chloe Swallows Her Pride – Fairy Prose

I’m going to continue, here, the sort of fairytale book I’m writing.  If you’re interested, you can somewhat catch up  – maybe not totally, sigh – here    – but it stands alone nicely, too, I think:

…Not only are fairies difficult, but they are also very sensitive creatures. Although my own Bedroom Fairy, Brightly, was the most perfect fairy, there is Chloe to consider. She is not above or below perfection. Chloe is simply difficult and sensitive…(from the first story)

Chloe Swallows Her Pride

Please do excuse me for my abrupt exit during our last visit. Most of our family’s energies, since my daughter Irene lost her tooth and Chloe and her sister Ivy pretended to be tooth fairies, have been spent trying to smooth Chloe’s sensitive and ruffled wings.

Chloe stayed gone for a very long time. At least it seemed that way to us.   Instinctively we knew that Chloe was embarrassed because she thought she’d failed in some way. However, not being fairies, we were unable to let Chloe know how little such things mattered.

Slowly she began to make her way back – deeper into our garden and nearer my studio window.

One afternoon, I was working on my latest canvas. “Chloe? What do you think? Shall I add a tad more blue to this sky?”

“I think more light.”

“Ah! Thank you, Chloe!” And I added some golden to the canvas.


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