Thinking Out Loud

I used to want to be a famous short story writer. Poetry, to me, is much more personal. Almost wordless – if that makes sense.

I’m shaking my head. I used to want to be married to the same person for 50 years, too.

Perhaps letting go is easier than wrestling restless spirits. Or, perhaps it’s kinder.

So now, I want to go back – or back away somewhat from poetry. I retired to sharpen other writing skills – to spend some of my time writing other than poetry.

I believe I have it in me to write some good stories. It’s a huge stretch and a huge effort to put aside (somewhat) what comes so easily to me for what is quite difficult.

I don’t have to give up lyrical writing in order to write short stories. And lyrical writing was my intention in my 30’s and I guess it still is, but I’m just ignoring all the little forks in the road.

Ellespeth’s Mind  

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