The Middle Years – Fiction

Another installment of  Friday Fictioneers  hosted by Rochelle.  100 words or so based on the image below.  Come join us!


The Middle Years

Once she’d found the final perfectly smoothed stone, and had placed it onto the narrow cypress board,  Irene stepped back a bit. She liked the way the stones blended with, yet protected, the  delicate shells.

“It’s an omen,” she told Hugh as she leaned the collection against a rustic figure she’d constructed earlier.

“Good or bad?” Hugh asked.

“I don’t know. Makes a good color scheme for the bathroom remodel though. Don’t you think?”

“Soaking tub?”

Irene smiled. “Of course!”

The next morning, Hugh and Irene went blueberry picking. At mid-day they lay down, near the stream, to dream again.


photo prompt © Douglas M. MacIlroy

20 thoughts on “The Middle Years – Fiction

  1. Ellespeth, Pleasant story with a contented, happy ending. It looks like they’ve been working on that remodeling for quite a while, bit by bit. Their home should be warm and inviting when they’re finished. 🙂 — Susan


    • Its good to see you again, Susan! I’d like the best for them, too.
      I tried to get a beginning middle and ending this time. I’d never thought to do that before – in 100 words. So, I’ll keep working in that direction.


    • I haven’t a clue where that ending came from! I just read it again…reminds me of those fade out love scenes in old movies.
      This was an interesting photograph, Doug – so many layers and textures.


    • Thanks, Dawn…That entire last paragraph almost didn’t make it into the piece at all because I didn’t finish this until the wee hours of this morning. By then, my editor…I mean husband…had gone to bed. I went back and forth with lay or laid. Lay or laid? OMG is it lay or laid? I pushed publish with it as ‘lay’. I paced the floors. I came back and changed it to ‘laid’ and went to bed. Ends up…it’s LAY 😛 Where was I when we learned irregular verbs? Why did I just remember that term when my husband was explaining the concept of ‘getting laid’. Men, eh? I think, later this evening, I will write a poem about verbs and how much I hate them.
      BTW…it’s lay now. I thought that sounded more romantic – initially – anyway 😛


    • Thanks, doc. When I first saw this photo, it brought to mind a mandala of stones and shells. The outside and then inside of a person or relationship.

      I’ve been ‘away’ a couple of weeks researching fairies and wings…


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