It Was Good For Something – Fiction


Another installment of  Friday Fictioneers  hosted by Rochelle.  100 words or so based on the image below.  Click on the lil frog icon (after this piece) and come join us!

It Was Good For Something

The best thing about Christmas used to be working at our family’s fir-tree farm. Weeks before Thanksgiving the pace around the place kicked up a notch. That’s when Grandpa drove up from Detroit. Once he arrived, the ritual would begin.

I remember one Christmas in particular.  I was 10½.  Falling snow barely misted the ground. The moon was full and the stars seemed to dance golden in the sky.

Grandpa and I headed for the barn where he stored his old Edsel digger-dozer contraption. We used it for tree hauling. That year he let me uncover it.


Photo Prompt © – Jean L. Hays

22 thoughts on “It Was Good For Something – Fiction

  1. Ellespeth, Christmas memories are some of the best. My dad used to bring my grandmother out from the city and we’d drive to church together. He loved to trim the tree with me and hang a big wreath on the door. Lovely and well-written story. 🙂 — Susan


    • Thanks, Alicia. This grandpa does seem special. My own Christmas memories are of the French Quarter in New Orleans where I grew up and the bayou where my mom’s family lived.
      This was fun to imagine, though. I’d love to experience a white Christmas without the Edsel parts involved 😛


  2. Dear Elespeth,

    Isn’t it amazing how the slightest thing passed from grandfather to grandson acquires a kind of special magic? This was a great slice of life, well imagined and well told.




    • It is amazing, Doug. When ever my husband talks about spending time with his grandfather – in his work shed – it sounds like magical memories. Those are nice to have…and fun to imagine, too!


    • Alas, I grew up in New Orleans so I’ve never experienced snow at Christmas or tree farms 😛 One of my family’s friends did own an Edsel,though. I was five or six…the car seemed as big as a planet!
      I like rituals, though. They’re comforting. Your Christmas one sounds wonderful!


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