The Eyes Have It

So this is not fun:

1.  I get up early, the morning after Thanksgiving, to put the living room heater on.  It’s dark. As I lean down to turn the heater on, my left eye bashes into a corner of the wooden crates we think are so cool.  So that part wasn’t fun –  holler and scream and probably wake the neighbors and my sweet  husband comes charging down the hall – in the dark still asleep – asking what happened.  Sigh.

2.  Rather than pay a huge emergency room co-pay, I decided to wait for the medical clinic to open. Ice and heat to the eye while waiting.  Well the wait wasn’t pleasant – to say the least – it was quite painful.  I try to keep my famous sense of humor and say to my husband:  Thank goodness it’s my left eye since it’s the crappy one anyway.  (I have wet macular degeneration in my left eye and it’s injected now and then)

3.  Three hours later, I’m sitting in an Ophthalmologist’s office.  He puts some lovely drops into my eye and there is instantly no more pain! He’s telling me that there are abrasions over my  entire left eye.  The doctor gives me options of using drops alone, using drops and taping the eye shut, or he could put a special band aid directly over the eye.  I sorta holler:  Noooo! , and choose the drops alone option.  The doctor says I’ll feel much better in the morning.

4.  I came home and slept for hours.  The first time I opened my eyes, there wasn’t any pain – just minor discomfort!

The first thing I did was thank God.  I realized how lucky I was and that stuff happens in an instant.  I was afraid.  Instead of worrying about stuff happening that has never ever happened – because I worry it away, of course! – I was worried about something real – in the present moment.

So that wasn’t fun – so don’t try walking around in the dark. Fini!


6 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It

    • I’m much better today, Elizabeth. I’ve spent the day resting and making ‘facial scrub’! I’ll be posting that soon 🙂
      It’s so true…’hat is dangerous is closer to us than we think’ Thanks for the hugs! Back at you too.

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