Some Photographs and Stuff

cherry pieBefore I was interrupted by some crazy wooden crate running into my eye – how dare it – we’d taken some photographs of our Thanksgiving layout…it started with taking your lovely cherry raisin and cranberry pie out of the oven.  I love the way you’ve carried on your mom’s tradition of carving the two pieces of wheat into the top crust.

We moved on to taking turkey and dressing and veggies from the oven but…the absolute best part was this luscious pie.  We’ll finish it tonite.  So sad…

tonightTonight, we ended up with this.  Some sorta turkey pot pie and wine and crusty bread and…yes…that little jar front and center.  That is my very own homemade facial scrub that I made this afternoon 🙂  All very lovely and romantic and healing.  Plus it’s rained most of the day!

facial scrubThe facial scrub I made was absolutely fabulously  moisturizing and gentle.  My skin just feels wonderfully smooth and moisturized.

Mixture of granulated sugar, olive oil, honey and a drop or two of essential almond oil.

Rub into skin gently and rinse.  Follow up with your regular moisturizer.

Even with the mishap – my eye is healing up great, it’s been a great week 🙂


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