One Winter Afternoon – Fiction

Another installment of   Friday Fictioneers  hosted by Rochelle.  100 words or so based on the image below.  Click on the link (after this piece) and come join us!

cropped-bugsOne Winter Afternoon

Carmencita was resting on a day bed. She finished reading yet another Pope article in The Daily Times, and picked up her hand mirror. It was decorated, on the back, with a turquoise inlaid spider web. She looked at herself looking back.

“The nerve! Who does the Pope think he is making his Proclamation of Joy when the ground is covered with snow, and the light struggles to survive, and I’m locked up in here again?”  she asked.

“Miss Ellen?” Carmencita smiled to her nurse and herself. “What day is it?”

“Winter Solstice.”   Ellen winked.

Both women laughed at that.


PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

14 thoughts on “One Winter Afternoon – Fiction

    • When the Pope blessed plastic baby Jesuses, for kids last Sunday (for Christmas mangers) he suggested the world celebrate joy more. And…I thought: this is just about the last article I want to read about this man. So I called his suggestion another proclamation.

      I like the name Carmencita, too! I’ll resurrect it, one day, in something not as vague. She’s not Ellen. I’m sigh-laughing.

      Thanks for passing by and reading this piece, Patrick.


  1. Dear Ellespeth,

    Prease to exprain. I love whatever is going on here but haven’t found enough bread crumbs to find my way home. Will keep my eye on the comments for elucidation.




    • That’s sorta good, Rochelle 🙂 It takes a special kind of nurse to attempt conversation with a patient, sometimes.
      I’m glad you liked the mirror description – Carmencita’s constant companion.
      Thanks for dropping by and attempting this one 😛 I’ll begin reading others this evening. I certainly hope it’s a spider!


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