Elizabeth, at tea&paper, gave me the idea of a word – for 2015 – I can use when I lose focus.  If you haven’t visited her blog, you may want to drop by.  It’s a calming space.

I’ve chosen the word LESS to be my word for 2015.  Just thinking about the word ‘less’ is peaceful.  Quiet.

Except for the paper background, that’s my digital art work up at the top of this post. It was interesting to reflect on the words.

Happy New Year!  Here’s to less…



9 thoughts on “Less

  1. I liked this idea when I read your post the other day. Your chosen word and representation has a very peaceful, calming effect just looking upon it. I might have to give this some thought for myself. It seems such a simple concept to regain focus.


    • It’s such a great idea for busy lives. I may use that piece of digital paper for making centering mandalas. Touch base if you discover your word. I put a link to Elizabeth’s blog post…she’d love to know your word, too.

      May we both have a creative year!


  2. Hi Ellespeth, love your word and your list! Beautiful, I can feel the balance in there, I hope you can follow it and get rid of stuff outside and inside your mind, be free of what pulls you down. Last year I worked on simplifying, the first thing I did was get rid of more than a half of the stuff I had in my closet, it’s incredible but I started to see clearly after that. Have a great day!


    • Hi 🙂
      My husband and I spent 2014 slowly purging through and organizing closets and our living spaces. We did a little something each monthand it was great to get that off my mind.
      I’m going to keep that blank piece of ‘old digital paper’ I found online and use it to create focusing mandalas.
      Stay warm!

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    • Oh I like that word! There’s so much to listen to – all around us. I really liked Elizabeth’s idea 🙂 Here’s to a year of listening and less! **hugs back to you**


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