Another January, Another Budget

Oh my good Gawd Almighty!  This isn’t possible 😦 Our unnecessary spending leaves much to be desired. Thank goodness that, when we retired, we moved right into watching toddlers several mornings a week.

Pieces of Conversation During Our Yearly Family Budget Meeting 

Me:  I ran off Pay-Pal and Amazon and Second Life and Netflix.

You:  And how did we do.

Me:  All that was paid.

You:  I know it was paid.

Me:  Oh good.

You:  How are we looking here?

Me:  We’re looking ok up to age 102.

You:  Which one of us?

Me:  Me.  So you’ll be ok if I die first. And I might cancel Netflix just to be on the safe side.

You:  Are we having left- over vegetable soup for dinner?

Hahaha!  Whew!


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