Sharp Hearted Love – Fiction

Sharp Hearted Love

I was watching our parakeet, Milo, seemingly regurgitating into the mouth of his Venus.

“I don’t know what else you want or expect of me,” you said. There was a painful question in your expression.

We were experiencing a fallow period, bickering.

I was mesmerized by the courtship of Milo and Venus. “Just get it out your system, why don’t you? Once and for all.” I was almost whispering. I was screaming inside.

“Get what out?”

“That you wish I still believed in ‘free love’ and didn’t give a damned about you screwing her.” Hiss

I heard you inhale sharply.


2 thoughts on “Sharp Hearted Love – Fiction

  1. Powerfully said in so few words. I particularly like the whispered voice followed by the hiss and the sharp intake of breath. Aided by the image of Milo ‘regurgitating into the mouth of his Venus’ this piece works so well.


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